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At Shams Autos

We provide multiple options to maintain your vehicle. You can conveniently schedule your Interim or Full Service online today, or opt for an Engine Oil and Filter Change if your service date is not yet due. Plus, when you book your MOT test alongside any of our services, you’ll enjoy additional savings compared to the regular individual prices.

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Digital Service Booklet

We are proud to offer digital service booklet updates that bring convenience and transparency to the forefront. At our garage, we understand the importance of keeping track of your vehicle’s maintenance history, and now, you can do it effortlessly. We ensure that every service is accurately recorded in a digital service booklet, easily accessible whenever you need it. Having a digital service booklet can significantly improve resale value as services carried out by ourselves will be recorded and saved on the vehicle manufacturer database.

We can currently update digital service booklets for:

  • VW
  • Audi
  • Seat
  • Skoda
  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz

What's Included

Regular servicing is a proactive approach to keeping your car in excellent condition, significantly reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns. It’s not only about preventing issues but also preserving your vehicle’s resale value. At Shams Autos, we offer a variety of cost-effective car service packages tailored to your specific needs. Our team of highly skilled service technicians ensures that we use parts that meet or exceed the quality of the manufacturer’s original equipment. We provide a genuine alternative to dealership servicing, allowing you to save without compromising quality. Additionally, we extend our servicing expertise to vans, electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.

Type of Service
Interim Service
full Service
Major Service
6 Months or 6,000 Miles
12 Months or 12,000 Miles
Every 24 Months or 24,000 Miles
Vehicle Interior
Check Instruments, Guages, warning lights
Check Horn
Check Windscreen Wipers
Clutch Operation (Manual Only)
Check Seat Belts
Reset Service Light
Check Heating/Air con Operation
Hybrid system diagnostic Check (Hybrid Only)
Vehicle Exterior
Check Exterior Lights and Lamps
Check Doors Operation
Check Boot Operation
Check Fuel Cap
Check Mirrors
Tyre Check
Tyre Pressures + TPMS Reset
Under Bonnet Checks
Check Battery
Check Coolant Level + Condition + Top-up
Visual Inspection of Hybrid Cables (Hybrid Only)
Check Brake Fluid (Level and Condition) + Top-Up
Check Bonnet Catch Operation
Check Brake Pipes and Hoses
Check Power Steering Fluid + Top-Up
Check Auxiliary Drive Belt
Check Radiator and Coolant Hoses
Refill Windscreen Washer Fluid
Under Vehicle Checks
Brake Check
Check Suspension Components
Check Steering Components
Check Joints and Gaiters for wear
Check Exhaust system and Mountings
Serviceable Item Replacement
Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter
Replace Air Filter
Replace Pollen/ Cabin Filter (Microfilter)
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace Fuel Filter
Final Checks
Road Test Vehicle
Stamp Service Booklet

Car Servicing

A car service is a comprehensive vehicle inspection designed to ensure your vehicle remains reliable, safe, and operating at its best, following the guidelines established by the vehicle manufacturer. The service schedule typically outlines specific checks and replacement of parts, including essential tasks like an oil change, at specified intervals. At Shams Autos, we provide a variety of car servicing packages tailored to your vehicle’s usage, all of which include standard oil changes and filter replacements. For a detailed list of what our service packages encompass, please refer to our comprehensive car servicing checklist below.


The best way to minimize breakdowns is
doing routine maintenance

Brake Repair &

Brakes wear out over time requiring service

Transmission Service
& Repair

The transmission is complicated and
important components of your car

Engine Services

Brakes wear out over time requiring service

Tires & Wheels

The best way to minimize breakdowns
is doing routine maintenance


The best way to minimize breakdowns is
doing routine maintenance

Vehicle damage? We'll fix it

We specialize in car repair. We’re the one of largest accident damage repair network


Repair Services That We Offer

We provide a full range of front end mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars, no matter the cause. This includes everything from struts, shocks, and tie rod ends to ball joints, springs, and basically everything that is included in repairing the front end of the vehicle.

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